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Commercial Interior Design

The introduction of interior design throughout the course of history to constantly improve the standard of living as well as making the best possible use of the available space. In Singapore, commerical decoration & design has always been a vital part of many offices and retail brands. Proper commmercial design not only will aid in the company’s branding but also helps uplift its status and reputation amongst the first impressions of its clients. An overview of a commercial setting with the interior design is always first created with the establishment’s target customers in mind. Most commercial establishments are simply places of business or facilities that serve business purposes. All of which we cover extensively in the areas of specialised retails interior design, specialised hotels interior design, specialised restaurants interior design, specialised music bars interior design, specialised clothing shops interior design, specialised hardware stores interior design, and also specialised corporate offices. These may also include industrial properties where the business’ products are manufactured, such as factories. Because these places aim to attract clients and customers, therefore our creative interior design ideas must conform to the clients’ discernment.

Apart from our primarily renovation contractor business, above all, the way we prioritise design accordingly is by hiring overseas interior designers for clients to consult in the generation of ideas that are in balance with the customer wish & the principle of commercial interior design and then makeover the entire existing settings into realization. Quality materials and workmanship are always our interior design concept for our clients , of course within the timeline given to achieve their dream home/office/retail. Naturally, it has always been our aim to remain one of the Top 10 interior design firms in Singapore; the reason why we want to constantly provide the best for all our clients is to strive to be the best interior design company in Singapore industry and also be an award-winning interior design firm whether in home-design or in office renovation/retail renovation, all of which we will achieve through a budget renovation cost.

Space Planning & Inspiration

Space planning is the origin & fundamental to begin with for interior design. Profound analysis and thoughtful planning to determine how to distribute the use of space. The whole planning is complete after inputing the placement of every detail like the furnitures, equipments and hardwares, the remaining space has to allow ample space for people and objects to be able to move around. The duty of our designer is to consult and present a well-drawn, scaled floor plan to show and explain their design, allowing our customers to understand with clarity.

Inspiration and creative ideas create different kinds of style, sensation and concepts. We invent original designs, tailor-made for each of our customers based on their perception to build warm and welcoming, posh and elegant, or fun and extraordinary theme. We are able to establish your own fashion, own character and own requirements into your premises. Our designers also provide 3D model sketch for every project, for better visualization, which is as close as 90% similarity compare to the final work. We will go as far as possible to realise your dream into reality together as our mission within your affordable budget renovation cost.

Office Storage Space & Business Branding

Office storage space is important in working area as documentation is part of the work. Professional organizer will fully utilized space as useful storage and will not waste the precious space that needed to create a functional office area. We will be able to give suggestion from professional perspective which fit to the needs of our customers. Every office have different way of operating same to the storage space organizer and we are able to customise it to the needs of each offices. Our detailed anaylsis is dervied through client to designer consultation discussion. For example, by fact finding how many working staff in the company, as a result, our designer will then be able to propose the number of tables needed with its proper dimensions and how big the pantry area would be required, etc...

Proper business branding is often accompanied with the correct colour scheme which in return will always provide the most conducive working environment as well as the best first impression for a retail store front. As a professional interior designer company , therefore, it is also our job to find tune the right colour scheme to increase the work rate of the workers and reduce the stress level in the space of the office.

Professional Detailing

Professional detailing is commonly known as detail drawing. Whenever a custom-made carpentry is involved, our designers will generate a detailed drawing with the dimensions of the object to its close approximation factors. Unlike items that are selling in the shopping centres or furniture shops, customized items will cost more as it is 100% constructed by human, and not manufactured in bulk by factories. Our designer will understand not only the needs of our customers, but also their styles, habits and requirements. Fact finding is used in order to advise accordingly based on our designer experience to propose feasible ideas for the internal or external space that can be executed. For all our draft rounds of detail drawing, we use professional softwares like Autocad. Once the drawings have been generated, our designer will use them in the discussion with the clients to re-adjust the dimension should there be any changes or discrepancies. Once the dimension has been set, the client can decide from the smallest details in the internal compartments on how many drawers, shelves to the external look of how many doors for your cabinets, etc... We will look into the smallest details and ensure everything is achieve to the finest.

Multi-function Rooms

Multi-function room, another common name is called the multi-purpose room. In every office, there are many different rooms used for different functions. For instance, in every office, theres always a resting area for eating and resting (the pantry), a conference room for meetings throughout the year, director room, etc... However, due to the lack of space and high rental, we look to help our client to maximize the space by creating the multi-function room where it can be a station to be used for multiple purposes. The main aim besides saving space, is to increase work efficiency. Before we construct this room, our designer will plan the work flow traffic from areas to areas , the relation between each working area and organize them to the area of the office. We will suggest the materials that is needed based on the suitablility for each working station. We select these materials based on these properties: durability, maintenance, color, texture and outlook of the design of the office. We also consider the transparency and privacy of an office when designing. This has to be balanced to achieve the most comfortable environment at work. As designer, we tend to balance the need between the structure of the office organization and the expectation of our clients.

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