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Our Profile
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Our main emphasis is to achieve customer's sense of satisfaction by providing a
strong platform of trust. No project is too small for us as we pride ourselves in
providing a dream home to every customer. Ultimately, what separates us
distinctively from the rest, is our innovation, accountability and the extra effort we
put into every project.

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"Apart from being service-orientated, they are knowledgeable and helpful. The staff's
professional ability to "stage" a home with a high level of attention to detail is an
asset. I would highly recommend DS2000 for its unique and remarkable service!"

Rachel Teo

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"DS2000 recognizes the value of extraordinary service, thrives to maintain that, and shows
professional concern for the quality of work performed. I couldn't have had a better and
more rewarding relationship. I recommend DS2000 wholeheartedly!"

Albert Howard

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"I've worked with other designers on my home, but DS2000 offers a one of a kind of service.
By far, DS2000 is the only one which is able to envision the exact style and design i desire for
my home."

Lessa Koh

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"Throughout the entire process, I found DS2000 to be thoughtful and respectful of my ideas
and concerns. The end product was what we anticipated from the start. I have no regrets in
engaging them!"

Michael Lee

The We Take

Space Planning

It is our duty as interior designers to plan and to propose a desired design catered uniquely to your personal needs and wants. Most importantly the walking space and the space taken when furniture moving in will be taken into consideration. At this stage, false ceiling and lighting points will be proposed to you.

Itemized Quotation

In the quotation that we provide to you, all the types of materials and cost will be transparent to our clients. We also believe in accountability of the prices quoted to our clients, therefore we provide a detailed breakdown of every item. We sincerely believe this is vital in achieving a common understanding between our designers and you.

3D Perspective Drawing

As professionals, we understand that renovating a house requires a reasonable amount of time and money. Upon completion, it will be something that you have to live with it for a considerable period of time. Therefore we believe it is essential for us to propose 3D perspective drawing to suit to your liking for instance, the color selection, the concept theme, the design, etc...

If you wish to have the feel of nostalgia, we are able to provide hand-drawn perspective drawing too!

Detailed Drawing

Unlike items which are bought off the shelf, customized items do cost more, it's our duty to provide detail drawing to you for all the carpentry custom made by us.

This is to cater to your way of living and needs. For example, you can plan your drawers and shelves to your desired lifestyle.

Commencement Of Project

Once all 3D perspective drawings and detailed drawings have been finalized, it is time for us to put our agreement into action.

Completion Of Work

In this stage, we look forward handing over the newly refurbished house that we have designed and renovated back to you. Your satisfaction is our success.

Our Target Audience

          HDB Licence: HB - 07 - 4052D